Hump de Bump

Have you ever ridden a camel? I haven’t but I really hope that I get to while I am in Morocco! While doing some research, I stumbled upon a blog all about traveling in Morocco and found a great post about riding camels. I suggest that any one who is planning on riding a camel soon check this out!



I have loved the Spanish language ever since I started learning it. When I went to Spain for the first time when I was in high school, I knew that I needed to go back one day and spend more time in the country. One of my favorite parts about being in Spain in high school was living with a host family. I think that I learned way more in that ten day span because I was in an immersion program. I ended up picking the specific program I will be participating in this summer because it was one of the only trips available with an immersion program. I am really excited to learn more Spanish and to be immersed in the beautiful Spanish culture once again.


I have never been to Morocco and am looking forward to the experience so much. This will be the first time I am traveling to a country that has a population where the majority practices Islam. I am really looking forward to new experiences and to explore the culture and history of Morocco. I do not know what the itinerary for the trip is, but I did find an article that shares fun and exciting things to do in Morocco. I know that I won’t be able to attempt all of these activities but maybe one of you can!

Going Abroad!

This summer I will be studying abroad in Spain for six weeks and then in Morocco for two weeks. I have never been out of the country for this amount of time and do not know what to expect. This blog will be used to do and display the research I have done for traveling and studying abroad. I will be posting travel tips and places to go and things to see in Spain and Morocco.